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Imagine people saying"Omg, I can't WAIT to buy this!" about your offer... 

... as you sell it into 6 figures, over and over again, by having your launch feel as bingeable as your favorite Netflix series.


Imagine your ideal clients saying"Omg, I can't WAIT to buy this!" about your offer... 

... as you sell it into 6 figures, over and over again, by having your launch feel as bingeable as your favorite Netflix series.


Sounds too good to be true?

After all, aren't live launches supposed to feel like "crying in the bathtub with a bottle of wine" type of exhaustion? 😭

Sadly, for most entrepreneurs that is the reality.

But it doesn't have to be YOURS...

🎁 What if launching could feel as joyful as unwrapping presents on Christmas morning, while sipping on a mug of hot cocoa... not just for you BUT also for your audience?

☀️ What if every time you launch could feel like going to a luxury destination with your girl friends, enjoying each others' company, and feeling SO loved up?

💰 And what if launching could mean you brought in an extra $10k, $50K, or even $100k in sales within just a few days of cart open... Nearly on autopilot? 

If you're ready to fall in love with launching...

By automating ALL the stressful parts...

And being present ONLY with the yummy parts of connection and loving up your community...

And then, turning it into a scalable "RINSE & REPEAT" sales asset that you can turn on ANYTIME you want to create a five figure cash injection.

You need to join us inside Scalable Launch Accelerator. 😘

Here's why most people struggle to sell their programs and scale their business

#1: Not knowing how to talk about your offer in a way that builds demand

Just because you think an offer idea sounds good, doesn't mean your ideal clients would, too. And guess what else? 

Just because your EXISTING audience would buy something doesn't mean STRANGERS would too. Now that's something people don't usually talk about. 

If you want to scale beyond just a few sales, you need to understand HOW to structure and communicate your offer in a way that naturally evokes desire and demand on its own, even to people who didn't know you before.

#2: Thinking that if you come up with the most valuable offer ever, it will sell itself

Spoiler alert: It won't.

Just because you created a program doesn't automatically mean people will know about it... or will want to buy it. 

If you desire to create predictable sales for your courses, group programs, or coaching - you're gonna have to make people care. 

And that doesn't happen by just building a sales page or making one post on social media,

#3: Hustling your way to success, always being "ON", constant posting, and traditional live launching

YES, live launching works. But it's also a fast road to burnout if you do it the way most people teach it (ask me how I know 🙈)

Instead of having to be constantly "ON" live streaming 10 days in a row, every month, and coming up with a gazillion new offers to sell to your audience (whew, even thinking about that sounds exhausting)...

You can have one, or just a few, core offers and then using the SAME repeatable rinse-and-repeat launch event every time, that you can automate nearly all of - while you see those sales roll in JUST the same anyway. 

This is how I personally turned just one of my programs into $300K in revenue less than 2 years. Same launch. Rinse and repeat. 15 minutes a day.

#4: Overwhelming your audience with content that's either too educational or too salesy

You might think that educating your audience means you're providing value so they'll want to buy. But it actually HOLDS them back from buying because it overwhelms them.

Education has people feeling "This is so great, thank you. I'll reach out when I need more help after I implement this" which would be fine if they actually took action. But we all know, people don't usually take action from free information. 

There's no shortage of free information online, but people still have the same problems and challenges they did before. 

There are other ways to provide value, not through education but through transformation - that empowers people to take action & buy.

#5: Not following a proven strategy that you can use over and over again

Most people just wing it. They HOPE people will buy, but they have no idea if they will. They meditate and journal and manifest, but don't back that up with a real strategy for HOW to make their dreams a reality. 

If you don't take strategic action to move forward, it's all just wishful thinking. It might work once... You might get lucky. But it just doesn't work to create sustainable sales - over and over again.

It's time to change that 🤩

We've had hundreds of clients go from

"Why isn't this working 😭"


"OMG, I can't believe this is my life 🤯"

I'm talking $10k, $50k, $100k, and even as much as $480K in sales from their launches. A collective MILLIONS of dollars generated.

And so much time saved and freedom created

😍 Imagine feeling so connected to your community that you LOVE popping into your social media and opening your inbox, as you receive love notes in the DMs, comments, and people sharing how they can’t WAIT to sign up for your program.

😍 Imagine creating and selling an offer you know people will ACTUALLY want to buy, not having to waste time coming up with an offer that you HOPE works, out of thin air, but feeling confident that your offer will speak to the right people.

😍 Imagine that when you launch your program, it has you feeling SO loved up by your community, not just from the excitement you feel, getting to show up as a coach or teacher, but also seeing those SALES coming in - like clockwork.

😍 Imagine people saying THANK YOU for selling your offer! When in the past, you felt like you had to convince people to buy or felt awkward or pushy, now people are literally thanking YOU and crying happy tears that they can PAY YOU for your brilliance. 

😍 Imagine selling your program feeling like a party, you invite who you want, and you have fun, have zero expectations and every sale feels like a gift.

😍 Imagine being able to create that SAME launch sales experience time and time again… but working LESS AND LESS every time you do it 🤯 Automating 80% of it, while keeping the vibe and energy on the fun parts of connection, chatting with people who LOVE you, and just serving.

😍 Imagine sales popping into your inbox every day… $1,000 sale now. $297 payment plan a few hours later. No sales calls required.

😍 But if you are enrolling for 1-o-1, you see your inbox filling up with applications from people who are selling THEMSELVES on why you should want to let them pay YOU. Talk about a shift.

😍 Imagine finally understanding sales, understanding HOW you can make money anytime… from ANY and EVERY offer you create not just this year, but next year… and the next.

😍 Finally knowing EXACTLY how each of those sales will come in the door - feeling confident, grounded, and secure in your plan and strategy. Like a badass boss bitch. 

Hi, I'm Kamila 👋🏻

And I've been launching courses, group programs, masterminds, and private packages since 2014 🤯

Through this work, I've tried a LOT of approaches to selling online...

And I've been able to find the most reliable way to build a list of ideal clients, build such hot demand that makes them want to throw their credit cards at you even BEFORE you open the cart...

Without needing to be a tech wizard or using any overly complicated technology...

And then creating the most unbelievable Cash Days ever...

And then repeating it, over and over again, with 80% of it being automated #YesFreedom 🧘🏻‍♀️

In fact, following this Scalable Launch strategy has hugely supported me in generating $1.08M in gross profit in the last 3.5 years 🤯 (proof included)

But honestly, that's not my biggest measure of success. How much free time I have is.

I found a way to have all the benefits of live launching... without all the stress and pressure with being "on" all the time.

I barely show up during my scalable launches, except when responding to comments and doing a Q&A coaching call every so often. Everything's pre-done and setup for me, where all I have to do is change the dates and hit "go".

I run super easy Instagram ads that are so easy to setup they could be done by a 3rd grader.

I enjoy my life. Spend time with my friends and family. I was even on VACATION during one of the launches! 

I get leads, predictably.
I get sales, predictably.

And I'm profitable. Every. Single. Time.

This process has blown my mind, and now I want it to blow yours.

Best of all? You don't even need an existing audience to do it 💁🏻‍♀️

So here's how it works

Phase 1. Become Launch-Ready

Lessons go live starting September 8th

  • Create or refine your launch offer to make it desirable to your ideal clients (this can be a course, group program, or even a private package) - this offer does not have to be filmed or fully completed before your launch so no worries! You just need to idea.
  • You'd start building a targeted audience list growth plan to build up a group of people who would be interested in your offer.
  • You'd start building up a waitlist of people while you begin talking about your program in a very specific and strategic way

Phase 2. Plan your MVP Launch

Lessons go live starting September 22nd

  • Create your own unique Launch Strategy based on your offer, pricing, ideal client, and goals - we will help you with this
  • ​Set a date for the launch and start building out your Launch assets to get reviewed by us
  • ​Start promoting your launch event organically and/or with our low-cost paid ads strategy
  • ​See how you can start making money right away from your launch, even before you open the doors to your program (optional & advanced strategy)

Phase 3. Run Your MVP Launch

Lessons go live starting October 13th

  • What makes a launch event engaging, exciting for you and for your audience - even without you having to go physically go "live" every day
  • ​How to inspire more engagement and how to make your event feel like a party
  • ​The exact framework we follow when planning out daily sessions to boost participation, build demand for your offer, and actually get the sales
  • ​How to increase your sales by as much as 50%

Phase 4. Scale Your Launch

Lessons go live starting October 27th

  • How to assess the performance of your MVP launch and plan out your v2 Scalable Launch that is 80% easier to run, yet just as effective
  • ​How I only show up 15 minutes per day during my launch event while making the same if not better sales
  • ​All the ways to improve your launch in the future, how to lower ad costs (if using paid ads), and outsource the rest if you want to
  • ​How to optimize your offer and scale to $100k+ in the next 6-24 months* using your scalable launch

The goal? 

Your own 'rinse & repeat' 6-figure launch event that's as bingeable as your favorite Netflix series

😍 That builds desire for your offer even for strangers

😍 That you can automate up to 80% 

😍 That allows you to work LESS while earning MORE

😍 That helps you focus on your people, not livestreaming

😍 That you can repeat, over and over again, into 6 figures (you don't have to hustle or constantly reinvent the wheel)

😍 That focuses on sustainable revenue, not putting all the pressure on one event in a year (and stressing over it)

😍 That you can run even as a newbie, without an audience (because you can easily build it!)

Join us in the Fall cohort of the

Scalable Launch Accelerator

LIVE implementation & coaching group program,
starting September 8th

What's included...

  • ​​Twelve (12) months of access to the updated step-by-step curriculum so you can take your time to implement the process (although it shouldn't take you longer than 2-3 months to implement) - value $4,997
  • ​Three (3) months of access to 24/7 mastermind Circle community so you can ask questions, celebrate your wins, or share insights anytime - value $1,997
  • ​Three (3) months of access to Q&A coaching calls & personal feedback sessions with Kamila so you're never confused, stuck, or unsure of what to do
  • ​2x Monthly Hot Seat Coaching Sessions to get your offer, launch idea, sales flow brainstormed live with Kamila (by application) - value $3,000
  • ​Get your materials reviewed by Kamila, get your landing page, sales page, email, sales copy, offer, launch idea, upsell reviewed personally - value $3,000
  • Self-paced homework submissions built-in to stay accountable
  • Video lessons, transcripts, summaries of all training lessons in a secure members-only dashboard for you to watch any time, on the go

Value so far is $12,994

Plus, I'm adding in some Special Gifts

Exact Templates, Swipe Files, & Scripts (value $1,997)

I will be breaking down, step by step, section by section, how to build out every part of your materials - including how to structure your landing page, your sales page, your upsell pages, DM scripts (if you need them), even how to structure your daily launch event so you can make sure you're hitting on all the psychological buying triggers. The only other place I get this detailed and this in depth is in my Evergreen Icon program (which is a $10,000 program).

Value $1,997 - Yours free as part of your enrollment.

Entire Tech Stack Toolkit Guide (value $197)

Get a list of software or tools you may want to use when launching your programs, I will be sharing options that are free, low-cost, or top-tier depending on your budget and how advanced and techy you want to get.  I will be sharing how I build my launches out with the exact tools and how they all speak to each other.

Value $197 - Yours free as part of your enrollment.

Step-by-Step Tech Tutorials

My goal is to make sure you're not held back by tech, which is why we will be providing step-by-step tech tutorials on how to set the entire system up if you use the tools we recommend.

Yours free as part of your enrollment.

Plug & Play Launch Funnel (value $1,500)

I will be building out all the pages, flows, and email sequences that you can then install into your own platform, just change out the branding, copy, and images and you can run with it - easily. This is completely optional as there's no requirement to use the platform I use, but can be super helpful if you're not techy and want it done for you as much as possible.

Value $1,500 - Yours free as part of your enrollment.

DONE-FOR-YOU Tech, Copy, Design Services*

I've only offered this ONCE before, if you prefer to have many of the parts done FOR YOU - you will be able to have me and my team set things up for you. That includes: 

- Writing and designing your landing page,
- Creating your upsell pages, 
- Writing your sales page copy, 
- Designing your sales page, 
- Writing your sales emails, 
- Building your email campaigns, 
- Setting up your paid ads campaign, and much more. 

You will be able to add-on any services you need, without having to worry about going through the lengthy process of finding, vetting, and hiring your own team members. 

*This is a paid add-on upgrade option, starts at $300/service+

Alumni Discount (value $1,500)

If you want to continue getting supported with launching after the 3 months are over, you will be able to jump into the NEXT live round we do at a super discounted no-brainer price and get all the same support, coaching, and feedbacks you can then easily use for another offer you want to launch 🥳

Value $1,500 - Yours free as part of your enrollment.

Total value is now $18,188

But obviously we're not doing that.

My goal is to support as many entrepreneurs as I can to build a business that fuels their freedom, but because of the level of support I provide in my programs, I want people who are just as committed to creating this as I am 🚀

Ready to get started?

🚀 Scalable Launch Accelerator
Fall 2023 Intake

  • 12 months of access to the updated curriculum, starting Sep 8
  • ​3 months of community for questions and support, starts Sep 8
  • ​3 months of access to Q&A calls, hot seats, feedbacks from Kamila
  • ​Feedback on your materials to make sure you're doing it right
  • ​Templates, tools, scripts and more
  • ​Newly built, exact plug & play system you can install with all pages
  • ​Ability to add-on DFY copy, tech, or design services from my team*
  • ​Tech toolkit guide & tech tutorials
  • ​Video lessons, transcripts, summaries to watch anytime on the go

One payment of $2,497 $1,997
or 4 payments of $650 $520
or 12 payments of $222 $177

Save $500 with coupon code "READY" when you join before Sunday @ 11:59pm PST

Early bird discount closes September 3rd @ 11:59pm PST. All payments in USD.

Fast Action Incentives:

When you join and pay in full before 10am PST on Thursday, you will get
Private 1-on-1 Coaching Call with Kamila

Use a full private coaching call with me (30 minutes) to dive into anything as you go through the process. Get your questions answered personally, get coached on your mindset challenges, get clarity on your offer, get brainstorming support with your launch topics or approach, or even get something else reviewed! Anything is fair game for these 30 minutes together.

Value $750 - Yours free as part of your enrollment.

When you join before Saturday, get access tothe 'Automated Launch Coach'

Automated Daily Message Sequence with Daily Videos, Resources, Recommendations, and Advice as you go through your launch! So you know exactly what to focus on each day and how to navigate each day during your Launch Event. This will be released in mid October.

Value $297 - Yours free as part of your enrollment.

When you join before Sunday @ 11:59pm, get $500 off your enrollment with code "READY"

Use code "READY" to take $500 off your enrollment, this includes the pay in full option AND the payment plan option!

Value $500 

Join the Scalable Launch Accelerator and save $500 with code "READY" at checkout

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

This will be perfect for you, if...

  • You want to sell a program (course, group coaching, private package, or even a done-for-you service) using this process 
  • ​You have an idea for a program you want to launch into the world and want to have it make a memorable first impression
  • ​You have an existing program you've tried selling, but you haven't been able to sell it confidently - and want to blow your previous results out of the water
  • ​You do not need an existing audience to launch, but it's always a plus if you have one. Either way, we'll help you build it up before the launch, even if you're starting from zero :-)

Got questions? I got answers.

When does the program start?
We start September 8th! 
When does the early bird discount go away?
The discount goes away on Sunday, September 3rd at 11:59pm PST.
What happens after I sign up?
Once you sign up, you will get an email with the next steps that includes Kajabi access and our call calendar. You will receive instant access to the Kajabi portal where we will be uploading lessons, but it will be empty until we start on September 8th. On that date, you will also receive access to the private members portal where you will be able to get your questions answered.
What if I'm not ready to do a launch yet?
You can start planning the details now and launch when you're ready! You will retain access to the curriculum for 12 months so you have plenty of time. As long as you plan to launch your offer in the next 12 months, you can use these next 3 months to start putting some pieces in place.
Can I use this process to sell 1-on-1 packages?
You can use this program to sell any online offer, including 1-on-1 offers. But my favorite is selling courses, memberships, masterminds, and group programs so I will be referencing those the most. In the program, I will share the nuances of how to approach setting up your launch event depending on your offer type and price point.
How much time do I need to dedicate to this process?
You can take it at your own pace as you will have 12 months of access to the curriculum. If you committed 5 hours per week to the curriculum and building everything out, you'd probably complete the entire curriculum in 2 months. 
How quickly can I launch with this process?
Based on our lesson releases, you can have your launch event happen as soon as mid October. In the future though, once you've already done your MVP launch once, going from zero to scalable launch can happen as quickly as 2 weeks. 
How much money can I make with this process?
We've had people make 4, 5, and 6 figures using this process. Having said that, we cannot guarantee you will make a certain amount of money as that really depends on a lot of factors, like your offer, who you're selling to, what price you're selling at, how well you execute the strategy, your overall mindset, your determination, whether you show up for support, and more. 
What if I don't have an existing audience yet?
We've had clients who started with a brand new niche, no audience at all go through the steps to building enough of an audience to do the launch. You WILL have to spend some time building the audience up first (we will show you how) and, if you want to launch quickly, running paid ads (because again, you will need people to sell to, and ads are the fastest way to generate those leads). 
Am I required to run paid ads to use this process?
No, but we recommend you use paid ads if you want to scale your launches after the initial MVP launch or if you're starting with no audience and want to launch quickly. We'll show you how much money we recommend you to spend depending on your MVP launch results, but most clients start with a $1000 ad budget.
What time are the Q&A calls?
The dates and times have not yet been determined, I am waiting to see where our clients are based to determine the times so that we can have at least one call per month everyone can attend, regardless of where they live in the world.
How do the personal feedbacks work?
You will go through the curriculum and implement various action steps. We will have a way for you to submit your material at different intervals of the program. You will be able to submit yours, and then I will review and critique it either live or in a Loom video.
Is the community hosted in a Facebook group?
No. We are using Circle communities for our paid programs.
There are a lot of programs on launching. How's this different?
I've taken a lot of programs on launching too, and honestly they all seem to preach the same thing - hustle. I didn't' want to hustle, I didn't want to be "on" livestreaming for days on end every time. I wanted to be smart with my time, when I was healing from burnout. This is how the Scalable Launch framework was born. So what makes this program different is that our goal isn't for you to just launch - it's to create a scalable asset you can deploy as much as monthly in the future to continue making those sales! It's almost like being evergreen, without needing all the tech required to be evergreen,
I'm not sure if I'm ready yet, can I join later?
You can join until September 8th, at which the doors will close. I don't know when we will be opening the doors again to another cohort. The last time I opened the doors to this program was over a year ago.
I still have questions, how can I contact you?
Send me a DM on Instagram @heartbehindhustle anytime or ask your question via email by contacting us at Talk soon!

Join the Scalable Launch Accelerator and save $500 with code "READY" at checkout

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